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  • Red Flag laws and Extreme Risk Protection Orders result in police breaking doors and confiscating expensive, personal property based on an allegation, only. These laws undermine our Constitution and our entire legal system which is based on a person being innocent until proven guilty.

  • Our November monthly meeting is dedicated to honoring our nation’s military veterans. We will celebrate with patriotic music and hear from multiple organizations that provide support services.

  • In our first hour we have Jeff Lord, American author, and political strategist in Pennsylvania. Served as an associate political director in the administration of former United States President Ronald Reagan. He subsequently became a highly visible political commentator for CNN and other media outlets.

    Then, in hour #2 we have Jonathan Hanen who is with the Federation for American Immigration Reform, Jonathan will address e-Verify in PA.

  • Our guest speaker is Lawrence M. Mead, Professor in the department of politics at New York University where he is currently professor of politics and public policy.
    Discussion on INDIVIDUALISM and introduction and signing of his new book “Burdens of Freedom: Cultural Difference and American Power”

    In the seconf hour, we’ll rally our 2019 candidates for Lehigh County and Northampton County government.