General Meetings – Upcoming

Help us reach thousands of Pennsylvanians with a GIANT 40 foot Long by four foot High quality reusable vinyl Banner and MASSIVE media promotion. Our volunteer army is committed to doing some VERY public banner drops; hanging our Pro Trump Agenda message all around our region. We shall professionally film/video & submit these events to all media, social, print radio and TV, plus YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Gab and more. Our goal, to awaken the public, educate our elected officials and aggressively flood the Lehigh Valley with our Conservative message.

Your help is needed right now! Let’s show them the Tea Party is alive and well.

We are just a bit more than half way to our goal of $1000. Can You Please Help?

Click Here Now To Help Build The Wall …..

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We’ll hear from Jim Worthington, President of People for Trump as we work on coordinating his Buck’s County group with ours so that we are on the same page for 2020.

 We’ll also hear from super-activist, New York City resident, banner-dropping mad man, Dion Cini who was banned from Disney for his Trump photo ops.

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