Individual Rights

At the request of Bethlehem Mayor Robert Donchez Tuesday, City Council postponed its vote on a proposal to require protests of as few as five people at a public park or sidewalk to obtain a permit first.

The mayor said he wants his administration to have more time to review and consider comments, many which just surfaced in recent days, and possible amendments before council takes its final vote on the special permits ordinance. The final vote on the proposal had been scheduled for Tuesday. continue reading at Morning Call….

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Bethlehem City Council is proposing an unconstitutional ordinance to prohibit the right to peaceably assemble. We are asking interested Tea Party members to attend the City Council meeting to Express our disagreement. 7pm Tuesday June 18th at Bethlehem City Hall located on Church Street in Bethlehem, PA [map here…]

Here’s an excerpt: “DEMONSTRATION” shall mean a parade, march, public assembly, meeting or gathering, rally or protest event, political rally or event, speechmaking, marching, the holding of vigils or religious services, and all other like forms of conduct, the primary purposes of which is expressive activity or the communication of expression of views or grievances, that: (1) is engaged in by more than five (5) persons and the conduct of which shall occur in whole or in part on City Property and has the effect, intent or propensity to draw a crowd or onlookers; ….

Here’s the full bill…

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Lehigh Valley Criminal Defense Attorney Tom Carroll will launch his campaign for Northampton County district attorney on Thursday, according to a news release.

The former assistant district attorney said his candidacy is supported by the 9-12 Project of the Lehigh Valley. He campaigned for President Trump in 2016 in Allentown.

He’s the first candidate to throw his hat into the ring now that longtime District Attorney John Morganelli announced he will run for county judge.


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