Executive Board & Officers

Our bylaws specify that active members vote for Executive Board members, EB members vote for Chairman and Vice Chairman, and that the Chairman appoints a Treasurer and Secretary with EB approval.

Current positions and occupants are:

    Board Term Ends Officer Term Ends
Chairman Tom Carroll March 2020 March 2019
Vice Chairman Tony Simao March 2020 March 2019
Secretary vacant    
Treasurer Dianne Mueller n/a no set date
Membership Sec Tony Simao March 2020 no set date
Board Member Dean Browning March 2020  
Board Member Tom Campione March 2019  
Board Member Bryan Eichfeld March 2020  
Board Member Melissa Gallagher March 2019  
Board Member Michael Gross March 2020  
Board Member Mo Gyory March 2019  
Board Member Tom Gyory March 2019  
Board Member Eric Trimmer March 2019  
Board Member Bill Tunke March 2020