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us_passportWelcome to the Illegal Immigration Action Committee

Our Federal Government has the Constitutional obligation to protect us from foreign invasion. Considering there are over 11 million illegals in the country, they've fallen down on the job!

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A message from the Immigration Reform Committee

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Are we ready for the end run? I'd expect the President would  pass some sort of Legislative Action on Immigration before Congress is back in session thru Executive fiat .  Though Amnesty for Illegal's is widely opposed by the people of this Country the president has been slowly nipping away to get what he wants bit by bit. This slow transformation goes largely unnoticed. We just took in a few hundred thousand teens under the guise of "oh those poor kids." Now, what's next on the horizon?

Steve King: Obama’s immigration move would trigger constitutional crisis August 25, 2014 12:07pm Pete Kasperowicz The Blaze http://www.theblaze.com/blog/2014/08/25/steve-king-obamas-immigration-move-would-trigger-constitutional-crisis/

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Dear Fellow Patriots of the Lehigh Valley Tea Party and all residents of the Lehigh Valley,

We have learned that the Kids Peace facility at Fountain Hill may be receiving a bus or van full of "illegal Immigrant children" this weekend from the South West border area in cooperation with the federal government's plan to ship them all over the country. Though KidsPeace will not confirm this or give us ANY information, they did indicate that they do have staff in charge of this program. My call to the supervisor has gone unreturned. The group in Maryland who recently stopped their illegals there also could not confirm their information. Regardless, we do know that KidsPeace IS identified as a participant in this program and they actually started preparing for this infiltration program over a year ago as reported in the local press.

JOIN US this Sunday starting at 11AM in front of the Fountain Hill location of KidsPeace

1650 Broadway, Bethlehem, PA 18015 (for a map CLICK HERE)

Bring your flags, signs, banners, and neighbors! WE MUST UNITE to let our government know we do not want "Illegal" Immigrants rewarded for breaking our laws while We The People are stuck with the bill.

I look forward to seeing everyone defending our community this Sunday.



Ronnie DelBacco

Chairman, LVTP

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Saturday's Demonstration

In front of Senator Toomey's office

“Be a part of the solution!  Join us!”


Call to Action - this Saturday

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DemonstrationIssue: S744 "Immigration Reform" (aka Amnesty)

We will be demonstrating in front of Senator Toomey’s office to remind him who he answers to.  The date is 6/22 from 11am to 2pm and the location is 1150 South Cedar Crest Avenue, Allentown PA 18103. Bring a water bottle, a snack, sunglasses, etc.  If you can bring a friend or spouse, please do so, more is better.

As for signs, you can bring your own or you can make one onsite – We will have supplies.  Fewer words with bigger letters is more readable.  If you make your own sign, we can provide a post to attach to it; wood is not permitted by law, so the group has sturdy cardboard posts for this purpose.

Remember, we don’t know how he is going to vote; we cannot assume he will vote “yes” on amnesty.  So if you bring a sign that says “Dump Toomey” and he votes “no” on amnesty, we have done ourselves -- and him -- a disservice.  The signs should encourage him to stay loyal to his base (“Remember Who Elected You”) or be about the issue itself (“Don’t Reward Law Breaking With Amnesty”).  No mentions of ethnic groups, etc will be tolerated – that’s not who we are.

For more information or to let John know you will be there you can write him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 610-737-5550



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Bill whittle on legal and Illegal Immigration.

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