Lehigh Valley Project 9-12 Tea Party Group

Serving Lehigh and Northampton Counties

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Lehigh County SealLehigh County Watchdogs

The goal of the Valley Watchdog Program is to have at least one group member in each voting precinct in both Lehigh and Northampton Counties 

who are attending their local school board, township/city council, and county council meetings to not only represent the taxpayer, but also keep the group at large, and the general public, aware of any actions that these governmental bodies take that violate our Limited Government Resolution.

The Lehigh County Valley Watchdogs have been hard at work on local issues such as the Lehigh County budget, fighting a taxpayer funded stadium in Emmaus and educating fellow citizens about spending and taxes in several school districts.  However, there is much more to do - so join the Valley Watchdog Pack!

Lehigh County is divided into several municipalities including cities, boroughs and townships, and into ten different school districts.  We currently have Watchdog representatives in every school district and in almost all of the municipalities in Lehigh County.  To learn more about Lehigh County, including a list of municipalities and school districts, click here.

Lehigh County Council

The Lehigh County Council meets at 7:30PM every second and fourth Wednesday of every month.  Click here to learn more about Council and see meeting minutes and videos of past meetings.  Come join us!  We always have a handful of Watchdogs attending!

School Districts

There are ten school districts that lie within Lehigh County, three of which are shared with Northampton County (Northern Lehigh, Catasauqua and Bethlehem).  Currently, we have Watchdogs in every school district in Lehigh County.  For a list of school districts in Lehigh County, including the district's website, board member listing, and meeting time and location, please click here.  Typically, each district has bi-weekly school board meetings.  Several Watchdogs have formed their own citizen action groups within their school district to focus on issues such as the budget, taxes, and spending projects.  Please contact Joe Hilliard for more information about groups in your area.


In Pennsylvania, municipalities can be incorporated as cities, boroughs, towns, or townships.  Lehigh County has 2 cities, 19 boroughs, and 17 townships.  We have Watchdogs in all but ten of these.  For a directory of your municipality, including who represents you, their contact information, salaries, when their terms expire, and when and where they meet, please click here.

We are always looking to add more Watchdogs to our pack!  If you're interested in becoming a Watchdog, please use the contact form below.

Willing to Help? Let us Know!

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