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Convention of States letter to our state legislators

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RE: April 4, 2014 presentation at Lehigh Valley Tea Party (LVTP) - Article V. Convention of States  (COS)

Dear Elected Representatives,

First, we offer our appreciation to Representative Joe Emrick for his concern and interest in learning about Article V COS by the attendance of his staff member, Mr. Bob Kilbanks earlier this month, joining  his constituents at this public presentation and forum on a timely and relevant issue to many voters. We also extend a thank you to Representatives Marcia Hahn, Robert Freeman, and Michael Schlossberg for acknowledging our invitation with a courteous reply.

Though invitations were sent to every elected Representative, Congressman, and Senator from both Lehigh and Northampton Counties, it was disappointing to our members, to say the least, the limited extend of our government representatives attendance and acknowledgement.

If you have asked, “Why do voters feel disconnected from government”? This sorrowful showing of elected representatives at a meeting of the public on such a serious issue as the Article V. Convention of States is a clear example of why voters feel that their elected officials aren’t listening to them.  Scheduling conflicts are understandable, but altogether ignoring constituent invitations or requests is unacceptable.

The Convention of States application has been passed thus far by the state of Georgia and is currently in progress in several other states. We support Pennsylvania leading on this issue in the face of gross distortions and usurpations of proper Constitutional power by all three branches of the federal government. A Convention of States is not a Constitutional Convention and should not be confused as such. Article V. was placed in the Constitution by our founding fathers to preserve the proper order of government when such abuses of power as those taking place currently in Washington threaten our liberty and freedom.

Our Constitution is under assault and we call on you to step forward and defend it with courage and boldness, as you have sworn to uphold the US Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. We don’t have to agree on every issue, but the process must be preserved and executed properly.

Please act to restore the integrity of our Constitution by putting a stop to this tyrannical style of government of which our Founding Fathers warned us. Article V. is a wholly appropriate course of action, and urgently necessary.

On behalf of the membership of the Lehigh Valley Tea Party, thank you for your time and attention. We vote and “We’re Still Watching”.


Ronnie DelBacco

Chairman, LVTP

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An Open Letter to all Congressman and Senators

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On June 7 during our regularly monthly meeting Joan Campbell the chairman of the Lehigh Valley 9/12-Tea Party group read the following letter to our membership.

The letter will be sent certified to our representatives in Congress, the Senate and the press. Approximately 130 of our members have signed this document. If you were unable to sign, please print out this letter, sign it, get your friends to sign it and send it to your congressman and senator.

This is an important time for us as a nation to take a stand. Stand with us! (For a nice copy to print out and sign please CLICK HERE (2 page pdf)

Lehigh Valley 9-12 Project/Tea Party GroupLVTP logo

June 7, 2013

An Open Letter to all Congressman and Senators:

The Lehigh Valley 9-12 Project/Tea Party Group, representing constituents in Lehigh and Northampton counties in Pennsylvania, echoing Tea Party sentiments across the nation, is writing to you regarding the recent White House scandals that have been highlighted in the press recently. Benghazi, IRS Intimidation, HHS Donation Scandal, Fast and Furious, the Department of Justice Phone Tap and as of today the NSA PRISM scandal. It is unclear how many more wrongdoings will be uncovered. However all the scandals we know about are examples of this administration's abuse of power and blatant failure to accept responsibility for these abuses.

The First Amendment of the Constitution reads “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” In the past six weeks, we have seen every part of this inalienable right trampled and abandoned. This is not a Left or Right issue that can be ignored at will, this is an American problem that defies the American people's basic constitutional rights and it needs to be fixed.

These controversies are the result of lies, cover-ups and gross incompetence. The American people deserve the truth! We the people say “No More!” We demand that our representatives in Washington stop putting party politics and ideology ahead of public interest. We demand that public investigations be done thoroughly and with due diligence and have justice served swiftly to those involved in these usurpations and atrocities, no matter how high up the chain of command that these violations go.

For too many years, the American people have sat idly by and watched their individual rights and freedoms slowly erode away. To quote Senator Rob Portman of the Senate Finance Committee, “The Tea Party was right, the government has overstepped its bounds!” We demand a vote of no confidence against any and all public servants that have allowed governmental agencies be used for intimidation.

We respectfully petition you to take steps to eliminate the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Education, the Environmental Protection Agency and every governmental agency that is not constitutionally mandated so that they may never be used to intimidate any American citizen again. We call on you to take steps to eliminate and defund every agency and program that stifles the principles of free enterprise, individual rights and free will and return those powers to the states as outlined in the 9th and 10th Amendment.

We simply ask that you honor your oaths to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

Respectfully Submitted,

The Lehigh Valley Project 9-12/Tea Party Group

Joan Campbell, Chair

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

PO Box 91011 Allentown PA 18109



Lehigh Valley Tea Party Statement on IRS Targeting of Tea Party Groups

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The Lehigh Valley Tea Party has followed the rules since its creation in 2009. Our organization has tried very hard to do everything the way we're supposed to. We consulted lawyers and advocacy experts about legal options for non-profit grassroots organizations, and applied to the IRS for tax exempt status just like non-profit groups engaged in all kinds of activities do all over the nation every day.

We believe that the Lehigh Valley Tea Party provides a vehicle for patriotic Americans with a wide variety of political affiliations to voice their opinions and become more educated about the important issues of the day. We are not a political organization, and our group's bylaws specifically prevent us from endorsing or opposing political parties or candidates.

Although the Lehigh Valley Tea Party group was not selected by the IRS for an audit, news of a sudden flurry of harassment spread like a panic among all Tea Party organizations nationwide. In many cases, the IRS demanded that tea party and other patriotic groups who were engaged in the application process report on every comment on their Facebook pages, or to turn over lists of attendees or donors. It was understood by the groups which were targeted in this way that this was uncommon treatment, and many groups attempted to inform the media about this clear discrimination against conservative groups, but there was little coverage of the issue.

Suddenly, as a result of the news of enhanced scrutiny of some tea party groups, no one knew what we were allowed to say or whether we were permitted to take public positions on important issues at all without affecting our ability to obtain tax exempt status. This uncertainty had a chilling effect on our every undertaking. Some of our members even expressed that they believed we were allowing the IRS to bully us into silence.

Although our application seemed to have been held up for over a year, the Lehigh Valley Tea Party Group has recently been granted 501(c)(4) status as a non profit group focused primarily on education, which has been our organization's mission since the group was formed. We are grateful that we were not specifically targeted for enhanced scrutiny, but recognize that we could have been.

It is outrageous that the Internal Revenue Service would target organizations for special scrutiny based upon their view of our government's policies, and whether or not those organizations agree with any presidential administration. While our group espouses responsible fiscal policies such as balanced budgets and lower taxes, the last time we checked the Constitution guarantees us the right to express those positions.

It's frightening to think that any administration would direct the IRS to make it more difficult for groups which disagree with its own point of view to obtain the non-profit status which should be available to all legitimate organizations, regardless of ideological positions. Our concerns about this powerful entity are magnified because the Internal Revenue Service has been tasked with implementation of many of the provisions of the new health care law. Obviously, we don't know yet who directed the IRS to single out Tea Party organizations, but we will be watching the ongoing investigations very closely and support Congressional hearings to find out exactly who is responsible for this outrage.



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This is not a revenue problem or fiscal cliff

In response to the current 2013 Government Spending Crisis (deceptively called the “fiscal cliff”), the Lehigh Valley Tea Party (LVTP) asks our Representatives and Senators, as a first step toward a solution to this crisis, to vote for legislation cutting the size and power of government.

The federal government cuts should start with eliminating the wasteful cost of departments performing improper functions of government at the federal level. The first federal departments to be abolished with the control of these functions picked up by the states are: Education, Energy, Health & Human Services, Commerce, and the Environmental Protection Agency.  These department eliminations will help to eradicate costly waste in addition to the abuse of power by government operatives and regulators.

Further, the LVTP asks our Representatives and Senators to work on legislation dissolving the Federal Reserve System and returning the banking function to its rightful place in the private sector. The Federal Reserve has failed to maintain a sound currency which should have been its primary function.

The LVTP asks our Representatives and Senators to work on legislation that replaces “baseline budgeting” by the federal government with “zero-based budgeting” to terminate the perpetual and unjustified growth of Big Government.

The LVTP asks our Representatives and Senators to fight against and vote against any future attempt to raise the debt ceiling, and especially to fight against any unconstitutional attempt by President Obama to seize Congress’s rightful power to control the debt ceiling and, thus, government spending.

The LVTP judges that these dramatic cuts to government size and power and reductions in government interference in the economy are the only morally, politically, and economically justifiable method for delaying the effects coming from massive and unjustifiable government spending. We hope that these measures will delay the American people having to suffer the collapse of the dollar by inflation or the enslavement of future generations by massive government borrowing. The destructive inflation would be caused by the Federal Reserve System printing outrageous amounts of money (i.e., Quantitative Easing, QE1 & QE2) in order to support unjustifiable government spending. The destructive borrowing would be the result of incurring massive debt to foreign nations that are hostile to Individual Rights in order to support unjustifiable government spending.

Executive Board of the Lehigh Valley Tea Party



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September 17, 2012 – Bethlehem, PA: The Lehigh Valley Project 9/12 Tea Party Group, established 2009, announces it will conduct its Candidate Forum Meeting on October 5th from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The meeting will take place at the Charles Chrin Community Center of Palmer Township.

As Election Day approaches, the Forum is designed to give Lehigh Valley residents an opportunity to meet with, question, and personally hear the views of political candidates running for local congressional and senatorial seats in this region. Candidates in attendance will include:

  • US Congressional Candidates Charlie Dent (R) and Rick Daughetry (D) from the 15th district.

  • US Congressional Candidates Laureen Cummings (R) and Matt Cartwright (D) from the 17th District.

US Senatorial candidates Senator Bob Casey (D) and Candidate Tom Smith (R) have also been invited to participate but have not confirmed their attendance at the time of this release. Candidates will take questions from audience members, and are free discuss any issues the public would like to address.

“The Lehigh Valley Tea Party strongly believes in a citizenry that engages in government at all levels. We’ve arranged this forum event to allow residents to become more informed about their local representatives and to find ways to keep these politicians as accountable as possible to the people they serve,” said Lehigh Valley Project Tea Party (LVTP) Chairman Barbara Walters.

“As stewards of the government, direct communication with and involvement in our own political system is the best chance we have to preserve individual rights,” Walters continued. “One of our goals as part of the Tea Party movement is to remind legislators about the benefits of individual rights, limited government, reduced spending, and reduced debt—elements that are crucial to our ongoing viability as a nation. The decisions we make in this election will have ramifications not just to our children and our grandchildren, but to the immediate economic environment as well. It is our obligation, then, to demand a conscientious response from our government.”

About The Lehigh Valley Tea Party

The Lehigh Valley Project 9-12/Tea Party Group is a non-profit, non-partisan, pro-active organization, dedicated to the education of our members and citizens about constitutionally limited government and many of the important issues of the day including taxes/spending/debt, healthcare reform, illegal immigration, the Second Amendment, energy policy and more. Its mission, through community education and public activism, is to restore America through the preservation of unalienable Individual Rights as established by the Declaration of Independence, thereby returning government to the limits placed on it by the Constitutions of the United States and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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