Pittsburgh Mayor Wants Gun Control Across PA & USA

by Web Admin

Pittsburgh’s Mayor Peduto is taking the lead and demanding new gun control laws in his city and across the state.  Under current state law, only the state government can regulate firearms, not cities, counties or municipalities. This is done so that gun owners have a consistent set of laws across the state, otherwise they would need to know every firearms related  ordinance in every municipality as they traveled anywhere in-state.

The Mayor doesn’t seem to care and is willing to break the law to get his ordinance passed. The Lehigh Valley Tea Party is supporting the Firearms Owners Against Crime organization in the Pittsburgh area and Prince Law of Berks County to stop this Mayor in his tracks.

If you can help us fund this effort, please do. Donate to our Legal Defense fund. We will then aggregate the money and forward it Prince Law. 

Here’s the Pittsburgh Gazette article….

“Mayor Bill Peduto contacted dozens of mayors across the nation this week, asking them to join Pittsburgh in introducing local gun legislation possibly as soon as Friday — and which will most likely be challenged in court.”

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