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After Thursday's Supreme Court ruling upholding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare) the pundits have been giving their various opinions on whether there's a “silver lining” in it or not. You've heard them I'm sure. Things like, “now the opposition to ObamaCare will be energized!” or “Justice Roberts is playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers!”.

I've heard just a few statements from the “non-pundit” class that I will put more stock into than all the talking heads put together.

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Bus to Harrisburg in support of the Property Tax Independence Act http://lvtp.org/taxesspendingdebt-articles/580-bus-to-harrisburg-in-support-of-the-property-tax-independence-act.html http://lvtp.org/taxesspendingdebt-articles/580-bus-to-harrisburg-in-support-of-the-property-tax-independence-act.html Back from Harrisburg, safe and sound!

Back from Harrisburg, safe and sound!

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Concerned about Common Core? http://lvtp.org/component/content/article/44-localstate/608-concerned-about-common-core-.html http://lvtp.org/component/content/article/44-localstate/608-concerned-about-common-core-.html Please forward to all concerned parents in Pa.

Parents, Educators, School Board Members, 
Concerned about Common Core? 
Join our live statewide conference call on May 13th at 8:30pm. Call in phone # is 712-432-1500 access # 440409Learn more about Common Core and have your questions answered
What impact it will have on your children's education?Who will profit and at what cost to taxpayers and children?What is still to come as implementation of Common Core continues to be rolled out and what is at stake?What you can do? Parents,We are counting on you to spread the word. Please use facebook, twitter, email and text to get the word out to parents across the state about the call.   Suggestions for tweetPA parents concerned about #Commoncore? Live conference call 5/13 @ 8:30 712-432-1500 access 440409

What impact it will have on your children's education? #Commoncore? PA live conference call 5/13 @ 8:30 712-432-1500 access 440409

Who will profit and at what cost to taxpayers and children? #Commoncore? PA live conference call 5/13 @ 8:30 712-432-1500 access 440409

What you can do about #Commoncore? PA live conference call 5/13 @ 8:30712-432-1500 access 440409


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Thank You Tea Party http://lvtp.org/component/content/article/614-thank-you-tea-party.html http://lvtp.org/component/content/article/614-thank-you-tea-party.html To begin, I would like to thank all for the opportunity to make my case to be the nominee for the 17th Congressional District. Although we did not secure the nomination, it was an honor to have the privilege push the values of limited government and securing individual liberties and freedoms.

I will continue to address the issues facing our nation; attacks on our personal liberties, veterans, and youth; not because I am seeking the nomination, but because we must find solutions. I have committed myself to these issues and will continue to fight for what we believe to be Right & Just.

My first step will be to fulfill my promise to help the nominated candidate Dr. David Moylan win in November. I will also be active helping our Veterans receive the help and support they deserve. It is apparent that we can not wait for our government to solve these issues.

Although, I was unable to attend tonight's meeting I look to be active in the LVTP. Your mission of educating Americans on the issues facing our great nation is something to be proud of.

Your commitment to reduce Government spending must be recognized in Washington. The path of spending and debt is unsustainable. It is mathematically impossible, maybe that is why our Government has felt the need to push Common Core, where getting the right answer isn't important.

The Tea Party has changed the election debates. No longer are candidates running on what government programs and funds that they will bring back to their district, but campaign on fiscal responsibility. Now if we can get them to add running on protecting our liberties and constraining government, we as a nation will be on the right track.

I want to thank you again for the opportunity to come before the group, and look to work with you going forward.

Matthew Dietz

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An urgent update from the Illegal Immigration Action Committee http://lvtp.org/component/content/article/34-front-page/617-an-urgent-update-from-the-illegal-immigration-action-committee-.html http://lvtp.org/component/content/article/34-front-page/617-an-urgent-update-from-the-illegal-immigration-action-committee-.html Keep your mouth shut


Medical staff warned:

Keep your mouths shut about illegal immigrants or face arrest.

A government-contracted security force threatened to arrest doctors and nurses if they divulged any information about the contagion threat at a refugee camp housing illegal alien children at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, sources say.

Read the whole story HERE

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