You have most likely heard from Main Stream Media that the US Supreme Court rejected the Rep Mike Kelley case. That is not exactly true.

What was rejected was an earlier filing asking for a halt (injunction) to the certification process. That injunction petition can be viewed here…

The rejection of the ‘Emergency Petition for Injunctive Relief’ is interpreted as SCOTUS saying that they need a ‘Writ of Certiorari‘ which is an order to a lower court (in this case the PA Supreme Court) to send up the record of the case for review.

The Writ of Cert is the “main” case and according to the project schedule, is to be filed this morning.

So, keep the faith. Things are move along.

The LVTP’s Amicus Curiae brief on the Emergency Injunction is here…

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New Location for this Meeting is the Warehouse at 231 Moorestown Drive, Bath PA (map here…) which is just off Rt 512 about 15 minutes north of Rt 22.

After speaking with the Trump Campaign and other representatives, the LVTP Executive board members have collected options and ideas on where our volunteer and funding power can be best utilized. At this general membership meeting we are now asking for YOU our members, input and ideas on where you see the Lehigh Valley Tea Party heading in 2021. We will take your ideas and those compiled to date to our annual strategy and planning meeting where we forge a realistic plan for 2021.

Join us in giving thanks and celebrating the season of good will with fellow Patriots. It’s been a rough and trying year on all of us. Come relax and enjoy a catered meal with your like-minded friends.

As a thank you for continuing to be a part of the Lehigh Valley Tea Party, we have a small token of appreciation to take when you leave so you can also break bread at home with a petite Artisan loaf.

PLEASE RSVP TO EMAIL: RSVP@LVTP.ORG BY WEDS (Before Thanksgiving) 11/25 FOR CATERING/FOOD HEADCOUNT (full sized flyer here….)

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For a number of important reasons, we are postponing our November meeting. Once we have a new date, we will most certainly let you know.

The fact is that we all need to be focused on winning this election. We ask that you too, continue to work on election related tasks, right through the end of day on November 3rd. Once the dust settles, we will regroup with a clear view on what we must address next.

Stay tuned…. things are about to get very interesting.

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