This legislation would require employers in the construction industry to use the federal E-Verify system to ensure that their employees don’t include individuals not authorized to work in the United States. 

There are many unscrupulous employers who hire individuals not authorized to work in the U.S for their construction teams. These employers and their unfair business practices hurt workers by driving down wages, create an unlevel playing field for other employers to compete against, and deprive government of revenue that would be used to fund programs like unemployment compensation. 

Click Here for the Petition….

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Immigration Reform Committee of the Lehigh Valley Tea Party were guests of the Kitchen Table Patriots of Doylestown PA. at a VERY successful Honk and Wave rally Saturday April 27 on rt 611 in Warrington.

More than 100 Patriots showed their Love of Country and Patriotic spirit. There was an YUGE show of support from cars driving by with thumbs up, cheers and lots of Honking! Our 40 foot  BUILD THE WALL  banner really got attention!

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This will be a very exciting meeting featuring Maria Espinoza of The Remembrance Project which honors the parents of those killed by illegal immigrants. She will be introduced by the Lehigh Valley’s conservative radio voice, Bobby Gunther Walsh.

And, in the second hour, we will hear from Kathy Barnette (Fox News contributor) fresh from her trip to Israel where they of course have…. a Big Beautiful Wall!

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Lehigh Valley Criminal Defense Attorney Tom Carroll will launch his campaign for Northampton County district attorney on Thursday, according to a news release.

The former assistant district attorney said his candidacy is supported by the 9-12 Project of the Lehigh Valley. He campaigned for President Trump in 2016 in Allentown.

He’s the first candidate to throw his hat into the ring now that longtime District Attorney John Morganelli announced he will run for county judge.


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According to DHS/ICE Lehigh County is a limited Sanctuary county because it requires ICE detention orders to be accompanied by a judge’s order. That is an absurd policy. The decision to comply with any given ICE request rests with the Department of Corrections. It always has. No written policy is required and doing so creates a non-compliance/sanctuary status.

Sign our petition to Lehigh Commissioners to Rescind Sanctuary Status.  (


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