Mexican girl, 9, drowns trying to cross the Rio Grande to enter the US – just days after two other migrants died in the same river amid Biden’s escalating border crisis

by George Roxandich
  • Three migrants lost consciousness after becoming trapped in the waters of the Rio Grande on Saturday
  • A mother and her three-year-old son were able to be revived; the mother’s nine-year-old daughter was pronounced dead
  • It comes just days after CBP officials confirmed that two other migrants drowned in the Rio Grande trying to reach the US
  • Last month, an eight-year-old boy from Honduras also lost his life in the river after being pulled under its surging waters  
  • The deaths come amid mounting criticism of Joe Biden’s handling of the crisis at the border
  • The Biden Administration rolled back tough Trump-era immigration policies without providing resources and infrastructure to support an anticipated surge
  • Migrant children have been languishing at crowded detention centers, sleeping on the floor and going without showers for days 

From Daily Mail (UK)