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Jan 7 – General Meeting

by webadmin

We understand that you are probably asking “what can I do to help save this great nation?”

Obviously, as a local organization, the Lehigh Valley Tea Party does not have the power to affect politics on the national level.

However, it is possible for us to take on specific projects that would help save this nation, then demonstrate success here in the Valley and share that model across the country.

Toward that end, please know that our board did meet last week and has chosen to focus on three projects under the America First banner. These projects would be: 1) Reduce/Eliminate Election Fraud 2) Reject Socialism, and 3) form a statewide organization that would represent a unified voice of conservatism in PA.

Each of these is clearly a huge undertaking and launching any of them would depend completely on whether we get the many new leaders and volunteers that are obviously needed.

So, our January 7th general meeting (details coming in a few days) will feature a rollout of these plans and a call for project leaders & volunteers. This will be your chance to truly be a warrior and help accomplish big things.

There is no doubt that considering the talent and dedication in our membership rolls, we Can Do This!