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Meet Your New LVTP Executive Board‏

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Spring is beginning to show itself a little more each day. As the snow melts and the air slowly warms, tiny shoots of new growth will soon start to cover the earth. And so it is with our Tea Party group. It’s at this time each year when the Executive Board is renewed with fresh faces, bold ideas, and new vision for our future. This year's Executive Board members, listed in no particular order are Mr. Lynn Patnaude, Mrs. Arlene Klocek, Mr. Tony Simao, Mr. Tom Carroll, Dr. Christine Bongiorno, Mr. Dave Dahms, Mr. Mike Ciasulli, Mr. Bill Tunke, Mr. John Mattaboni, and Mr. Michael Gross. Serving as Vice Chairman is Mr. Tom Campione, and serving as Chairman is Mr. Ronnie DelBacco. ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

This year we will be reviewing our policy of “educate on issues only” and consider whether the board and the membership both wish to affect political change by taking an active role in the political process, which is currently prohibited only by our own doing. (section 1.03 of our by-laws) If a more active role is desired, we'll need to decide just how far we might wish to go. Depending upon those answers, we may or may not need to modify our corporate structure; however, no major decisions will be made without hearing from active members.  We therefore urge you to renew your membership (dues form is here) so that you will have a voice in this critical planning of our organization’s future as an active member.

This will be a year for action! In the coming weeks we will lay out a set of ambitious, but achievable goals for the LVTP. With each member finding his or her niche, and lending a hand to support, promote, and strengthen our founding principles we will be able to take the LVTP to the next level and establish our group as a role model for other Patriot groups around the country. By strengthening our Action Committees we will be more vocal, more visible, and most importantly more active.  

Mark your calendars now for the April 4th General Membership Event! Bring your family, bring your friends, and bring your neighbors too. Not only are we still watching,




Tell the IRS it's not their job to regulate free speech!

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At our last general meeting we brought up how the IRS is considering new regulations that would change the rules for non-profits and what would be considered partisan political speech. The proposed regulations curtail free speech by making it extremely difficult for Americans to voice their concerns during the times when it matters most. We have a right to talk to, and about, elected officials without restriction.

The actual proposed regulation can be found here at regulations.gov. Over 50,000 comments have been submitted, some in favor of the proposed recommendations! If you would like to make your own comment you can do so here on their COMMENT PAGE. Comments can be submitted up to midnight of February 27th.

Another available resource with recommendations for comments can be found here at AFP's Block The IRS. Please consider leaving a comment, we all have the right to hold elected officials accountable. Tell the IRS it's not their job to regulate free speech!

Last Updated on Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Inequality Campaign: Breaking Michael Jordan’s legs and arms

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Slides from the September meeting on Smart Meters & DCUs


Here are the slides from Paul Saunders' "Smart Meters & Digital Control Units" presentation.This is the corrected/updated version in PDF format: http://lvtp.org/energy....html


Bus to Harrisburg in support of the Property Tax Independence Act

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Back from Harrisburg, safe and sound!

Back from Harrisburg, safe and sound!


Saturday's Demonstration

In front of Senator Toomey's office

“Be a part of the solution!  Join us!”


Washington and More...

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My friends,

It's only been a week since we last met, and yet, so much has happened in the past week, that I am sure has you feeling over-whelmed and helpless. This is what we have been watching and unfortunately waiting for. What you are seeing is classic Cloward-Piven strategy, overload the system to force the progressive agenda. Watch what the left hand so you don't know what the right hand is doing. Unfortunately for them... We Are Still Watching!!!

Take a deep breath and remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Rahm Emanuel once preached "Never let a serious crisis go to waste..." All the "scandals" that we have heard over the last month, now they are trying to back door "Amnesty". On both the federal and state level, we are seeing Common Core be forced onto our children, Governor Corbett is considering caving on his stance on the Medicaid expansion, not to mention Agenda 21 and Smart Meters! So much going on, it can be nerve wracking, and boy they aren't wasting any time at all!

Now, once again, limited government activists are being beckoned to Washington. I've been contacted by more then a few people to ask if the group will be sponsoring a bus trip. My answer is kind of a good news bad news thing. Unfortunately, I must tell you,  NO, the LVTP will not be able to sponsor a bus. With the short time period that we were given, our bylaws do not allow us to spend that kind of money without a full membership vote. No one wishes more then I do that we received this information sooner.

But here is the good news!! I know a member who is looking into renting a van to go down Washington. Now, this is not set in stone, and if this member DOES get a van, and has space- I will let everyone know through an email blast. (SPACE WOULD BE EXTREMELY LIMITED AND YOU WOULD BE EXPECTED TO PAY PART OF THE COST FOR RENTAL AND/OR MILAGE) But that's not all!!!! I've been on the phone all day, looking for buses that are leaving within relative driving distance from our area. The closest buses I found are leaving from New Jersey. I asked their local coordinator to send me their information, which is attached below (These buses are sure things guys!)

But now you're saying, Joan, I just can't get off from work. I know this is super super important stuff. I just don't know what I can do!??!?! Don't fret. I'm going to tell you! First though, let's have a frank discussion... After the marching and protesting is done, we go home, and say, “Well, I've done my part. Can't do much more- with how many people were there, there's no way they could ignore or forget about us.” I've got news for you. They DO ignore us. They DO forget about us. We must ALWAYS make our voices heard. Let's be honest, we need to keep the pressure on, it's what the other side is doing. Why aren't we? It requires YOUR action. The Tea Party is not a social club. We are happy if you come to meetings, we all need to keep learning, we are way behind the learning curve, but lets not forget why we are here... We are trying to protect YOUR individual rights! We can not do this alone. YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING WITH IT!!! We need YOU to step into action. NOW IS THE TIME!!!! If we loose this battle, the war is almost surely lost. It's time to stop watching at the sidelines....You MUST step upClick Here to find out how!

Last Updated on Saturday, June 15, 2013

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